Video Tutorials

Summary of Video Tutorials

  1. A Quick Introduction
  2. Easy Start Guide
  3. License Key
    • Requesting a License Key
    • Validating a License Key
  4. Selecting a Set of Ligands to Build the Complex
    • Denticity Choice
    • Select Ligands one-by-one
      • By the Short Identifier
      • By the Molecular Formula
      • By the Name
      • By the Charge
      • By a Combination of Options
      • Viewing Ligand
      • Adding Ligands to the Complex
      • Removing Ligands from the List of Selected Ligands
  5. Favorites
    • Creating a List of Favorite Ligands
    • Removing a Ligand from the List of Favorites
    • Displaying the List of Favorite Ligands
  6. Managing the Database
    • Renaming the Short Identifier
    • Removing a Ligand from the Database
    • Reseting the Database
  7. Adding a New Ligand to the Database
  8. Saving Computational Chemistry Input Files
    • For Only One Stereoisomer
      • Specifying a Mopac Lanthanide Model
    • For a Set of Stereoisomers
      • Specifying Point Groups
      • Specifying the Computational Chemistry Input File Type
      • Changing the Ligands Abbreviation
  9. Opening a Computational Chemistry Input File
  10. Saving a Session
  11. Loading a Session
  12. Appearance
    • Rotating the Structure
    • Zooming the Structure In and Out
    • Resizing Atoms
    • Hiding Hydrogens Atoms Bound to Carbon in Organic Ligands
    • Changing the Molecular Graphic Representation
    • Changing the Background Color
    • Displaying the Complex Elliptic Envelope
    • Displaying the Coordination Polyhedron Elliptic Envelope
    • Displaying a Coordinating Bond Lenght
    • Switching between Enantiomers
    • Saving an Image of the Stereoisomer
  13. The Complex Build Algorithm
    • Ligand Degrees of Freedom
      • Hinge Angles
      • Orientation
      • Distance
      • Placement
      • Shape
    • Geometry Optimization
      • Minimizing
        • Coordination Warp
        • Steric Congestion
        • Crowding
      • Stopping Optimization
      • Reoptimizing Structure
    • Parameters for Geometry Optimization
      • Hinge Angles Only. Orientation, Distances, Placement, and Shape Choice are Conserved
      • Orientation and Distances Only. Placement and Shape Choice are Conserved
      • Orientation and Placement. Shape Choice is Conserved
      • Orientation and Placement. Shape Choice is Conserved. Global Minimum Search
        • Select a Shape
          • Ligand Placement Default
            • Select a Point Group
              • Select a Specific Permutation
          • Choosing the Ligands' Placements
            • Placing a Monodentate Ligand
            • Placing a Bidentate Ligand
            • Binding a Ligand
            • Autobinding Ligands
            • Reseting the Ligands' Placements
      • Orientation, Placement, and Shape
      • Orientation, Placement, and shape. Global minimum search